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Individual Classes   中文

1. Color Theory
  • What is a personal color analysis?

  • Color associations and Color fundamentals

  • Color Wheel, Primary color, Secondary Color, and Tertiary Colors

  • Color schemes: What is a color scheme?  Why is it important? How is it related to dressing?

  • Properties of Color: Hue, Intensity, and Value

  • Color Massages, Color traits in business

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3. Essentials of Facial & Body Analysis
  • Facial Shape/Facial Quality/ Facial proportions

  • Balance point - Selecting Collars and Necklines

  • Choosing Hair, Eye-wears and Makeup style

  • Body Shape & Types

  • Dominant Trait of Body

  • Body Proportion

  • Shoulders / Hips

5. Wardrobe Management 
  • 5 Components for wardrobe planning: Personal Style / Lifestyle / Color Style / Body Style / Fashion Style

  • Fashion Style: Casual / Classic / Creative / Dramatic / Romantic / Sexy

  • Fabric & Accessories Choices

  • The Goal of Closet Editing

  • Dressing ABC – Accentuate / Balance / Camouflage

  • Business Dress Code: Formal & Causal

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7. Starting & Marketing Your Business
  • What you need to know before starting a business

  • Starting a business

  • Business investment & expense

  • Setting up your fees

  • Market research & marketing

  • Business Planning & Goal setting

  • Image Consulting role play

9. Professional Image & Business Etiquette
  • Business Attire - Formal, Semi-formal, and informal.

  • Appropriate clothing colors, fabrics, prints, and patterns.

  • Grooming & Hygiene

  • Accessories

  • Business Etiquette - Networking, Introduction, Business Card, handshake, Name tags, behavior, and more.

  • Business Dining 

  • Business Meeting

  • Job interview

  • Body Language 

2. Steps to Your Best Coloring
Classes meet at 8:00 - 10:30 am EST on Monday for 3-week
 (Please email us to schedule the date) 

Shanna Pecoraro designed the "Steps to Your Best Coloring" for image professionals who want to begin their color consulting business instantly and apply the skills and methodology of such service with confidence to get the best results. In this 3-session color analysis program, you'll learn all of Shanna's unique techniques and steps needed to be successful in conducting color consultation 

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Define the three properties of the personal coloring

  • Identify the best color palette for each client

  • Identify the differences between right and wrong color effects on a person

  • Name the critical characteristics of each color palette

  • Name the 3-step of color analysis​

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4. Art of Clothing Design
  • Elements of Clothing Design: Line/Color/Shape/Texture/Pattern/Space

  • Clothing Design Principle: Accentuate/Balance/Proportion/Scale/Rhythm/Harmony/Unity

  • Dressing Advise: Full Size/Petites

  • Dressing Advise: Pear/Triangle/Inverted Triangle/Hourglass/Oblong/8 Shape

6. Closet Editing & Personal Shopping
  • The Steps of Closet Editing

  • The Goal of Personal Shopping

  • Idea Closet

  • Building a Wardrobe Capsule

  • The Steps of Personal Shopping

  • Practice

8. Classic Men's Wear 

These 2-day training, you’ll learn how to use new techniques to deal with the male market. Understand the construction of men’s wear, and style interpretation through lifestyle, body analysis, personality and clothing fit.  Includes:

  • Benefits, Challenges & Opportunities               

  • Demonstration

  • Personal Style Analysis                                     

  • Working with Tailors & Shirt makers

  • Communication Strategies & Approaches        

  • Formal Wear & Dress Code

  • Construction of Men’s Clothing                         

  • Vendor Resources (custom/off-the-rack)

  • Personal Grooming                                            

  • Business Dressing                                            

Steps to Your Winning Brand

There is a reason why famous celebs like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, and Sarah Jessica Parker will always be fan favorites within their respective categories. Each has a strong (and mostly positive) personal brand, which creates loyal "fans.” How can you improve your brand to make a lasting impression?

Upgrading your appearance, enhancing your communication skills, and being confident in a variety of social situations, will unleash your unique promise and value so you too can tap your personal brand to delight your audience in nearly any personal or professional situation.

*** Everything about Dressing Men ***
             Online classes  meet at 8:00 - 10:30 am EST on Wednesday for 3-week (Please email us to schedule the date) 

If you have a strong visual sense and an aptitude for working with color and proportion, consider adding men’s fashion styling into your existing image consulting service, creating solutions for your income source. This class provides an in-depth study of the consultant role, with an emphasis on men’s fashion and accessories and dress for the occasion. The program is highly interactive, with creative assignments.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:


•Point out the difference between three classic men’s suit looks

•Choose the right style that fits the client’s personality & lifestyle

•List three “FIT” tips that determine to purchase the item for clients

•List three key points to choose suitable fabrics and accessories for clients

•Advice clients the appropriate attire for different occasions

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*** One - On - One Coaching ***

All the above classes are open to book online one-on-one coaching. Please email us for details and day availability.  

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