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Do people frequently mention the great style you have? Do friends or colleagues thank you for your thoughtful etiquette tips here and there – the ones that land them double compliments for a whole day?


Whether you’re a “natural” at image/styling and etiquette or not, you’re probably reading this page because you’ve considered becoming an image or soft skills consultant. And let us be the first to tell you – if you can dream it, you can also BE it! Your intuition is pointing you in the direction of image consulting and soft skills training.

With several courses available, we can help you take your career to the next level.  Whether you’re already styling folks in your life and would like to make it official, or you’re starting from scratch – our highly engaging and interactive courses can help you move to the next level.

To Quickly Create Your Next Opportunity For Tomorrow

Check out more programs here and let us know any questions you may have here. We invite you to invest in your professional development today in order to quickly create your next opportunity for tomorrow!

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     As someone who works in the fashion industry for 2 decades, I’m dealing with colors, patterns, styles, trends every day. Took Shanna’s class last week, it blew my mind!!!!! Her deep understanding of styles, patterns and human body; her unique approach in color analysis; her believe in harmony and in proportion.. brought me to an incredible new point of view of fashion.

I would highly recommend her class to anyone, no matter you’re in the industry or not. It’s fun, interactive and most importantly I walked out with full confidence and love for what I do, and what I could do better .. "

  - Lisa Qu from NYC


       I attended Shanna's "Become a Corporate Trainer Program" in Taipei, Taiwan in 2017. The program helped me to advance the skills and expertise needed for my image consulting business. The knowledge I gained from this course has helped my business to grow.


Shanna's course was very comprehensive in both training techniques and materials. The hands-on practices reinforced the skills for real life situations and the training materials contain lots of valuable resources. After taking this course, I can apply them to my services right away.


Shanna is a knowledgeable and passionate instructor. It is a very enjoyable experience to learn with her.

I highly recommend Shanna's training program to those people who are seeking a professional and committed instructor to establish or advance their image consulting business. "

 — Jessie Brown from Taipei, Taiwan


       I had the great pleasure and privilege to have done my training in NYC Image Consultant Academy with Mrs. Shanna Pecoraro, her professionalism and her teaching method allowed me to acquire a maximum of information in very short time, hoping to find her again soon for another training! A deep thankful for her wide generosity of heart and her big humility. "

   — Hind Belghazi from Qatar


     Since I took Shanna's classes, I have enjoyed a continuing relationship with her both personally and professionally. She is smart, ethical, thoughtful and always focused on how to make other's life better. I'm so grateful that I have Shanna as my teacher and mentor. I feel confident that she will continue to succeed in her all endeavors "

 — Raffaela Vitale from Naples, Italy


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