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Shanna Pecoraro, AICI CIP is the founder and principal trainer of SP Image Consulting International and Master Trainer of ISSTA (International Soft Skills Trainer Accreditation). She is a sought-after color, style expert and premium image & etiquette trainer. 

Shanna holds the Color Specialist and Image Consulting Certificates from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). And with more than 20 years of experience in fashion design, styling, retail management, and sales, has accumulated her many “hats” into a color analysis toolkit for students of all levels, The Pocket Color Compass: Steps to Your Best Coloring.

Shanna works with "image consultants or etiquette trainers to be" worldwide to teach how to do the personal consultation or how to be a corporate trainer. Her mission is to help consultants & coaches create a masterpiece of themselves. She dedicates herself to getting them to reach their goals.  Shanna has “been there & done all” in the fashion, image, and etiquette fields. Her experience and expertise empower her to deliver students - Strong, Unique, Creative, Confident, Excellent,  Stylish SUCCESS.

Shanna had served from 2017-2020 as the VP of Education at AICI (Association of Image Consultant International) Global. She is also the Co-founder and Chief Stylist at Sibo Enterprise (Stylist in Your Pocket).


Shanna's Philosophy


What does a successful consultant look like? What makes him/her stand out in his/her professional field? What makes their business continue to grow?


This is a very good question, one that cannot be clearly defined.  As a teacher trainer, I have worked in the image, fashion, and retail fields for decades, and I have known and trained countless professional consultants.  Believe me, every consultant is different.


 We should not define "consultants" by title or position; we should define them by their "delivery" ability.  In addition to satisfying the client's needs and solving his problems, a successful consultant must also broaden his knowledge.  For me, I don't know what is the secret of success, but I know that only by "continuous learning can I have continuous growth."


 Here, share, three tips that will keep me flexible and open, and everything is fresh and interesting.


 1. Accept new ideas and technologies


 Customers pay you to solve their problems! You get paid, you should create for them and increase their chances of success.  Try to link ideas and technology to create greater value.  Even if this is not your specialty. But it allows you to complete your goals faster and more accurately.  When the client says "the problem is solved", it proves that you did a good job. This hard-won sense of accomplishment is one of the best feelings of being a consultant.


 2. Give more and take less


 In the consultation, "give more and take less". Think of this as "not over-promising, but giving more than promised".  In other words, for the benefit of the customer, always give a little more than expected, not just for your benefit.


 3. Listen more and talk less, and ask thoughtful questions


 Try to listen as much as possible and talk less.  People who never shut up are mostly afraid of silence; nagging is often a coping mechanism that hides tension.  Accept feedback, accept both positive and negative suggestions and feedback, which helps us grow!  Usually in a conversation, your customer has given you clues to answer, you must listen carefully and find clues to achieve and meet his needs.


 Keep your mind flexible and open your heart to new things. As friends, spouses, family members, and mentors, as well as colleagues and consultants.  For a better tomorrow, I keep asking myself every day, "How can I receive, learn and listen more?"

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