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Please note, for the best training results we take no more than six trainees in one training. And we have to book and pay for the training room and prepare training materials for 6 weeks in advance the course starts. Therefore

  1.  If the trainee does not take the course on the scheduled date, the tuition is non-refundable and may apply to the next course only.

  2.  If the trainee cancels within six weeks of the course, the tuition will apply to the next course only.

  3.  In the case of emergencies such as a death in the immediate family, acts of God, war, personal illness, accident or unavoidable work situations which prevent the trainee from attending, the following condition applies:


  • If the emergency occurs within six weeks of the course, all FAST TRACK Course participant materials have and full arrangements have . The trainee’s tuition will to the next course only.


  • The trainee may cancel six weeks before the course start; a 5% administrative charge will assess credit card fees and $250 on wire transfer fees.

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