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Halloween Costumes Of The Year

Halloween isn't dead. On the contrary, this year’s Halloween becomes a special occasion for us to dress however we want and wear something different from our normal work from home attire. Whether we're planning to celebrate virtually or at a socially distant costume party, one thing hasn't changed - we’ll still need an eye-popping costume. So why don't we all get creative and imaginative and have a fantastic Halloween!

Do you have a costume in mind already? Are you still looking for brilliant ideas to make you stand out? Sibo believes the right-color costumes will help you accomplish that. You can go to to find the best colors for you for FREE.

In the meanwhile, here are some ideas that may help you make your decision:


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had an incredible life and inspired generations of women to fight for equality and justice. We can't think of anything more powerful than dressing like our dear Justice RGB.


Since masks are mandatory, be creative with it


This costume never goes out of style! Be creative, be brave and apply the color green to your pumpkin outfit.

Happy Halloween!

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